Deciding On The Right SEO For Your Company

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a task that anyone looking to be found online needs to be proficient in.  Many companies such as Digital Current offer a wide range of services that help companies compete in the digital marketplace and master SEO.

To begin with, SEO services phoenix range in scope and scale.  When working with an SEO company you want to focus on keywords and buyer intent.  The trick that most companies fail to realize is that people are out there looking for information and context as to who you are, why you are in business and if they should do business with you or someone else.

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Articles and Blog Posts

The simplest form of SEO are articles and blog posts.  These are simple text documents on the web that talk about a specific topic or focus on a relevant keyword.  When writing these articles and posts people will search for a specific topic using a keyword.  If this keyword is associated with that blog or article, then you can rank in the search results.


The world loves videos.  Sites like YouTube and Vimeo allow people to upload videos on a wide range of topics.  People love videos and they are great for SEO optimization.  When we look at a video we have an emotional connection with the company or the topic that is being discussed.  The better the video and the more relevant it is to the specific topic, the higher it will rank in SEO.

Social Networking

All of this SEO content that we are creating generally focuses on visitors visiting our web page or engaging with us on social networks.  Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all social networks that we can use to engage with our customers.  From there, we close the loop and if we have something that people want, then we can make a sale which is great for everyone.

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