Allowing Ponds, Lakes And Streams To Breathe

Two gentlemen held their peace for a few minutes during a tea break in conversation. The initiator of the conversation was completely caught off-guard when he made what could have been prejudicial remarks in regard to the drinking habits of some of his chums down at the club. After he cast aspersions to them drinking like fish, his partner in conversation wished to know just how this was even possible.

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He asked the question. Have you ever seen a fish drink underwater? You would be interested to note that while just like any other living species, a small fish in the pond does need water for its nourishment. But when the time comes for it to drink, it usually goes to the surface of the pond’s water to take that sip. Not gulp. It spends most of its life below the surface of the water, and when you see how it puckers its lips, and looks as though it is gulping all of the time, it is actually in the throes of breathing.

It also does so with its gills. Such are one of the many wonders of nature. But there are its tragedies too. You’ll see this when you see fish float to the surface of the water having collapsed in death. Below the surface of that water, it had no air to breath. A pond algae control palm beach gardens fl maintenance program will help breathe new life into the stifled and polluted water. And that’s another thing.

Apart from the overgrowth of algae in the water, the water is heavily polluted. Neither waste materials dumped into ponds, rivers and lakes, nor algae need much oxygen to survive. And yet it has the audacity to slurp up every last bubble of it thus horrendously denying every other creature.